The Kick Awesome Show

The show dedicated to design, the web & general nerdery!

with Nate Croft & Jonathan Longnecker

Episode 1
August 09, 2010

Welcome to The Kick Awesome Show! That's right, Nate and I have decided we need to hang out more, so why not in front of a camera? We're going to attempt to talk about cool and interesting things every week so go hit that subscribe button now. Watch it!

Being that this is our first shot the format’s still up in the air a bit. But that’s ok, we know you’ll tell us what you love and don’t love in the comments.

Episode 2
August 16, 2010

Watch it! Welcome back to the Kick Awesome Show! This week Nate and I talk about Happy Story Time, our immaculate beards, a cool trick from the freshly designed CSS Tricks, our top picks from DesignersMusic and a bonus rant about crappy servers.

Special thanks to @isaiahmustafa for inspiring the beard segment. On a horse…forever.

Episode 3
August 23, 2010

Watch it! The third times a charm...literally. After moving shooting locations 3 times we finally finished shooting Episode 3. Join us as we talk about iPad textbooks, Storm Troopers with 'staches, MojoMotor, our favorite grays (with ninja battles!) and our DesignersMusic picks.

Episode 4
August 30, 2010

Watch it! It's Episode 4! Join us as we talk about Borrow Lenses, New Adventures in Web Design Conference, the HTML5 Boilerplate, EECI2010 in Leiden, how to scale Nate's incredibly tall hair and our DesignersMusic picks of the week.

Episode 5
September 22, 2010

Watch it! Be warned that Mr. Croft had some minor surgery and was on some serious pain meds... Join us as we talk about Holler, Reeder for iPad, our work spaces, why Hydrocodone makes it all better and a special high school edition of our DesignersMusic picks.

Episode 6
October 17, 2010

Watch it! A new episode of The Kick Awesome Show? Oh yes! We've got crazy stunt driving, travel hacking, and bad pirate acting. Our new intern tells us about his problems, and we find out where in the world Nate's been.

Episode 7
October 25, 2010

Watch it! Episode 7 is our biggest episode yet. Join us at the EECI Conference in the Netherlands (we're international!) and keep watching for a huge, gigantimus announcement for the future of TKAS.

Episode 9
November 08, 2010

Watch it! Join us as we talk about the Dribbble state phenomenon, littlest Longnecker's 1st birthday, how far we would travel to shoot the show, why we ditched Vimeo for YouTube and our picks from DesignersMusic. Oh and a special guest.

Episode 13
December 07, 2010

Watch it! Get your rabbits feet and lucky charms because it's time for Episode 13! This week we high five Dropbox and Gear Patrol, talk about hyphens or underscores in our URL's, the power of asking nicely, a brand new geeky segment called if:else and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Episode 14
December 14, 2010

Watch it! Episode 14 is chock full of goodness! Join us as we talk about a missionary's flying car, a wooden iPod amplification dock, questions about @font-face, a solution to CSS3 background images and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Episode 15
December 21, 2010

Watch it! Episode 15 brings the funk! Join us as we talk about mirror TV's, all things 8-bit, what we'll be up to in 2 years, Infinity Blade, fun with company names and our picks from DesignersMusic.

December 29, 2010

Watch it! This is our short between Christmas and New Year's holiday special, and boy, is it um... special. Celebrate that lazy week between holidays with us as we sing, get beaten with bells, and play Tic Tac Toe on Santa's belly!

No links, just merry Christmas!

Episode 16
January 11, 2011

Watch it! We are back outside in the cold this week as we talk about Lego letter pressed posters, the information super highway, the departure of our buddy Aaron the intern, New Year's resolutions and music picks!

Episode 17
February 02, 2011

Watch it! We now return you to your regularly scheduled craziness. Join us as we talk Seth Godin, the New Adventures Web Design Conference, why we don't shoot the show on more beaches, CSS3 syntax, a dramatic spam comment reading and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Episode 18
February 08, 2011

Watch it! This week we bring you motorcycle light fixtures, Star Wars as told by icons and we mix in a healthy dose Illustrator lovin'. There's also a great tip on creating tag-a-long elements on a web page, Dribbleology, music picks and more!

Episode 19
March 03, 2011

Watch it! Bringin' 19 like a fiend! Join us as we talk about Hipmunk, Intializr, what we've learned over the years, Illustrator Tips and Tricks, our Dribbblist of the week and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Episode 20
March 09, 2011

Watch it! We're already at #20! Join us as we talk about Geckoboard, the Photojojo Ring Flash, whether we need more dancers, a tutorial on raw image editing, our dribbblist of the week and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Episode 21
April 21, 2011

Watch it! We've got high fives going out to Apple, Beatmaker2 from Intua, and a look at a cool new plugin from Dev Demon to manage images in ExpressionEngine. And did, I mention we are going to LessConf? Sing along and let us know where you want to see the Kick Awesome Show this conference season!

And in case you are SUPER EXCITED about LessConf, here’s a ringtone for your iPhone. Right click and “Save as..” or you’ll get a page full of weird text.

The MP3 version is here.

Episode 22
May 20, 2011

Watch it! Ze Double Deuce is upon us! Watch as we talk about a 007 getaway, mega menus, what gear we use to make the show, a surefire test for your cool indie rock and our picks from DesignersMusic and Dribbble. Oh! And a spam comment.

Episode 29
August 19, 2011

Watch it! Watch what happens when we try to do a whole episode in one take with no editing! We talk about making web apps in Lion, Mutemath's remixing contest, CSS text shadows, Losttype, and our picks from DesignersMusic. Whew!

December 22, 2011

Watch it! As 2011 draws to a close we continue the tradition of short, lame Christmas shows.Scary sing-a-longs, Italian Christmas Mobsters and or course - Christmas Tic Tac Toe. Merry Christmas Kick Awesome Friends!

No links, just Merry Christmas!

Episode 35
February 20, 2012

Watch it! Learn how to get out of junkmail, pick up a cool new kids book for free, and check out the new 47m site! We'll talk about being on ShopTalk Show, spam comments and our picks from DesignersMusic.

Episode 40
April 03, 2013

Watch it! We're back and we've got tons of high fives, our favorite spam comment, a cool new shirt and we'll explain where we've been for a whole year!