The Kick Awesome Show

Making, shooting and editing a web show regularly is hard. Thankfully, we love doing it. If you love it as much as we do, why not be a sponsor? You'll help us keep bringing the kick awesome more often and you'll be promoting your product to a very targeted group of nerds.

The TKAS audience are mostly web, design and expressionengine gurus at the moment, but we're hearing many stories of their wives and kids enjoying the insanity as well. I bet you'd like some more detailed information than this fancy marketing copy, right? Ok, if you must.

Sponsorship Options

Placement Details Timeline Total Slots Cost
In Episode Screen w/ voiceover - 5 sec. Per Episode 2 $125 ea.
Next to Player 220 x 130 - 1 at a time Monthly 2 $50 ea.
In Sidebar 125 x 125 - 4 at a time Monthly 8 $25 ea.

Reach & Impressions

YouTube Channel - 16,000 + Views Total

Reach Combined - 3,200 every 2 weeks (Twitter, Facebook, RSS, iTunes, etc...)

Show Views - 200-400 per episode

Site Traffic - 2,400 pageviews per month

If you're ready to get kick awesome, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) We'd love to talk to you.