The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 8
November 01, 2010

It's official! Episode 8 marks the first Kick Awesome Show on it's own site and with sponsors! Join us as we high five our intern & iFontMaker, show you what we'd dress up for for Halloween, use Adobe Ideas for sketching on your iPad and our picks from DesignersMusic. Watch it!

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  1. Awesome show guys! I really enjoyed how much Nate sounds like StrongBad throughout the episode! smile

  2. Great as always! You guys were a little EXTRA nuts on the voices this week smile

    Also, since i feel it’s worth noting, your absolute BEST lighting yet was during your Wufoo promo. Nice work!

  3. @Jack McDade thanks! We’ve been fortunate to use all natural light so far. Not sure what will happen in the winter months, though.

  4. I been watching since episode 1 and I’m glad to see the show move to it’s own site. Keep up the Kick Awesome Work guys..

  5. @Chris Burk Thanks for watching, Chris! We’re excited, too smile

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