The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 31
November 07, 2011

This week we have CSS3 prefix fixing, the master of flash lighting, and a high ten with font dropping and crazy owls! There are also sticks. Bass sticks. Watch it!

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  1. I wish you guys could be more regular about this stuff. It was fun and helpful for a while, but you’re now so inconsistent that I dont care to watch.

    What’s happening with Kicktastic? It seems like that was forever ago… I got all my friends signed-up and now they think it was a waste of time. Yeah, I know, thirty-seconds wasted. But it’s really that I look stupid now.

    While I’m at it, I’d love to learn more about ExpressionEngine. Why would I pay for it when I can just do a Wordpress blog instead? It seems nice and cool, but is it practical?

  2. @Dustin H Too many questions! Check your email smile

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