The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 26
July 12, 2011

Join us as we look at a new book by Derek Sivers, Espresso 2, a question about our Like button, what happens when we turn a spam comment into a song, and our picks from DesignersMusic. Watch it!

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  1. It’ll be great if you can talk about
    in the next episode

  2. have you guys heard about you used to use Vimeo for your show but had to switch to Youtube since you went commercial. will you be switching back? what are the benefits of each? and how should anyone going into the vlog/video-podcasting realm choose a video service?

    also, does ExpressionEngine offer any kind of video services? what would be the best opensource platform? i’m familiar with FlowPlayer and JWplayer (but I hate that one)..

  3. @Mohammad Saeed I have seen that. We’ll try to take it for a spin soon.

    @Dustin Haven’t had a chance to look at in depth. The biggest difference is one is paid and one is free smile Good questions…we’ll try to answer in a future episode. Quickly:

    EE will let you integrate whatever service you want…it’s super flexible. For TKAS we just put the YouTube ID in a custom field and the template pulls it in to the player in the template.

    I generally don’t recommend hosting your own video unless you want to pay for the bandwidth and deal with all the encoding/embedding/playing issues.

    If you need to roll your own you’re right jW Player is painful. I’ve used for audio and it worked pretty well. Looks decent and there’s that looks great. Haven’t used the last two personally, though.

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