The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 24
June 23, 2011

Episode 24 brings the crazy with Nate's "Emo twin brother" grilling gear, and brain painting. And don't forget about the music picks! Watch it!

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  1. I got tickets to Twilight! Great episode….or not.

  2. @EricHaha, I’m glad someone caught that. One of my favorite lines from this episode.

  3. @Nate Croft So many little lines like that. I think Nicholas should come back sometime.

  4. Nate, is that how you really wear your hair?

  5. @Matthew Coldiron It really is how I wear my hair. And there’s proof!

  6. @Matthew Coldiron Except for the days he’s lazy smile

  7. Yeah Simple Shoes.  Good shout out.  Perhaps Nicolas should have an occasional dedicated segment on how to get your Emo on.

  8. @Ryan Battles “Because grey is like the light tainted by the darkness.” Best line, ever!

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