The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 23
May 25, 2011

Episode 23 is leaner and meaner. And crazier. Join us as we look at the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch, the SLR Camera Simulator, a ninja spam comment and our picks from DesignersMusic. Watch it!

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  1. I look forward to more weeklylular episodes.  Great job guys!

  2. Thanks, Ryan! Also, if I had your last name I’d insist that everyone call me “Mr. Battles!”

  3. great show, killer episode!
    love you’r stuff guys! (all the way to Israel)

  4. Thanks, @shai!

  5. @shai Thanks for watching and sending love from God’s hometown!

  6. (Kick)Awesome show!

    btw… it’s called The Netherlands because of its previous name “De Lage Landen” which translates to “The Low Lands”. Holland is one flattest countries in Europe and is several meters below sea level (hence the name). Somewhere in the 15th centurt it changed to “De Nederlanden” which is the exact translation of “The Netherlands”.

    The name Holland is technically incorrect as it only describes the 2 provinces North & South Holland, but we have 12 provinces in total.

    And here, kids, is where the history lesson ends.


  7. @Wouter Vervloet Wow, we’ve been schooled. Nicely done.

  8. @Wouter Vervloet I feel smarter, thanks Wouter!

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