The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 22
May 20, 2011

Ze Double Deuce is upon us! Watch as we talk about a 007 getaway, mega menus, what gear we use to make the show, a surefire test for your cool indie rock and our picks from DesignersMusic and Dribbble. Oh! And a spam comment. Watch it!

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  1. As always Kick Awesome Show, I effin love the spam comments(well I don’t love SPAM), it makes me laugh out loud every time! I have a question for J. Long, what are some suggestions you may have to get invited on dribble? I’m not asking you to invite me, just wondering if you did anything besides being an awesome designer. Keep up the good work!

  2. @Chris B. Thanks, man. Seems like you can sign up as a spectator to try to get drafted. There might have been some other sites to help get you noticed…but really it’s just who you know. It always is smile

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