The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 20
March 09, 2011

We're already at #20! Join us as we talk about Geckoboard, the Photojojo Ring Flash, whether we need more dancers, a tutorial on raw image editing, our dribbblist of the week and our picks from DesignersMusic. Watch it!

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  1. Yeh! I’ve missed the show.

  2. as a side note, glad you enjoyed Mumford & Sons although the ‘F’ bombs spoiled it a bit for me

  3. We’ve missed it too! All this client work makes it tough to put together but it won’t stop us!

  4. @Steven Crap, guess I should listen all the way through before I recommend it. Sorry man.

  5. Nice!  I was really happy to see Mumford & Sons on the list.  Been listening to them for a while.  Not that I worry about “F” bombs, but Little Lion Man is awesome.  The Cave is good too.  Also like the geckoboard.  Great show.

  6. Wohoo!  a new kick awesome episode!
    Keep it funky guys! smile

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