The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 16
January 11, 2011

We are back outside in the cold this week as we talk about Lego letter pressed posters, the information super highway, the departure of our buddy Aaron the intern, New Year's resolutions and music picks! Watch it!

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  1. Excellent show guys!  I’d love to hear about HTML5, CSS and cool things to help you get through the day.

  2. Again, if Jonathan hadn’t happened to be on at 1:00am, no would have ever known I obliterated DropBox. . . Darn you, Jonathan, darn you and your perseverance.

  3. Love the show! How about more tips on design and coding, like Jquery, CSS, and HTML abooyah!

    And shoutouts are always kick awesome!

  4. And I can’t even spell my name right. Not kick awesome at all…

  5. @Alan Thanks, man! We’ll keep that in mind.

    @Aaron Don’t be mad at us Bobby Styles is the one who outed you.

  6. @Eliott Duly noted. More nerdly information. Thanks!

  7. you guys should try out some short screen recordings, maybe showing some short coding tricks (html,css,js,php) all the good stuff.

    or maybe some product / book reviews that us designers and developers will find useful.

    Anyway, keep up the good work smile

  8. would love to see a longer show.
    More design stuff like: Favorite inspiring awesome design art etc.
    Any photography stuff is sweet as well.

    Question: My corncob mustache keeps falling off, What is the best way to keep it on my face, to keep the ladies happy?

  9. @Scott MacDonald Book/product reviews is a fantastic idea!

    @Cody WatsonGorilla glue. Works every time.

  10. @Aaron ‘sok we still love you wink

  11. Would love to see a longer show, maybe see a problem solution w/ actual code related issues and how you can work through them. Maybe a recommended designers food? Can you add dancers? Much more Bobby Styles. Anyway love the show

  12. @Matt Taylor We love food. And dancers. And Bobby. This should be good.

  13. Nate and Jonatahan, AWESOME show as always!

    What i would like to see is you opinion on ongoing trends in webdesign. E.g. grid themes, modernizr (JS) or “awesome CSS3 hack of the week” - something like this.

    You guys rock! Best regards from Europe smile

  14. @Mariusz We are full of opinions so that should be difficult! Thanks for letting us know what you want to see.

  15. I love the resources you guys throw up for photography!

  16. @Skyler Thanks! I know Nate can geek out over photography with his eyes closed.

  17. @Skyler It’s true. My photo geekery is mighty.

  18. I would like to see more tips, tricks and tools that you guys think are kick awesome and brief samples of how they work or you use them.
    Great show!!!

  19. I’d love to see you guys really get down and gritty with some meaty code and creative nastiness. I love all the funny, light-hearted surfacy goodness (never lose it all together!!!!), but it’s the real life magic that’ll kick you guys onto the next level!

    Also, interviewing peoples who know such things would be sweet too. Skype video or facetime or anything might work.

  20. @Jack McDade We’re on it. Thanks for the feedback and congrats on the launch by the way.

  21. Would like to see more discussion on EE and jQuery. Less ‘show’ more ‘tell’!

    Love the show guys!

  22. @Brandon Johnson Hahaha you guys act like you think we know what we’re talking about.

  23. Hey guys, great shows. I hate the short eps though! I want more! I like the handy CSS tricks and such. You guys should make a section on this site in the archeives that groups all the music picks, resource links from each week. You could have a poll on the music picks as well, and/or vs. eachother’s picks! :D

  24. @Greg Davis
    ps - Nate = Strongbad

  25. @Greg Davis Oooh I like grouping the music picks. Might have to add a category in DesignersMusic or something. Thanks man!

  26. Hey Guys,
    Only just discovered your show and its pretty dam awesome! loving the designers music section.. now to watch all the previous episodes and find some cool tunes!

    I think you guys should have a iPhone / Mac app reviews section… reviewing any cool apps you happen to have.

    Also a little section showcasing some of your latest creativity would be cool aswell.


  27. @Jon Minns Thanks, man! We have definitely high fived some cool iPad/iPhone apps in the past. We try not to pimp our design work too much, but we will be doing some tutorials in the near future. Thanks for watching!

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