The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 10
November 15, 2010

For us, this is a milestone. Episode number 10! Join us as we talk about AmpliTube for iPad, Meat on swords, the possibility of stopping MC Hammer, what to use for bookmarking awesome stuff and our picks from DesignersMusic. Watch it!

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  1. Meat on Swords?  Oh we got that…

    Sadly, you guys didn’t design this site.

  2. @Eric Gibson I know, right? We’d trade it for free meat for life any day.

  3. Kudos on more Muse rockness.

  4. @Jason Matheson Muwahahaha! Any time we can.

  5. @Jason Matheson It just keeps working. wink

  6. I would recommend either Evernote or Delicious to keep track of your High Fives!!!

  7. @Ned Fenstermacher Thank you, sir!

  8. Congrats to number 10 guys!

  9. Vampire Weekend is sick!

    And for thing I need to save for later, I use ReadItLater. The iPhone app is awesome and they have a nice list of third party apps too.


  10. @Theo Thanks!

    @Wouter Vervloet I hadn’t heard of that one; I’ll check it out.

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