The Kick Awesome Show

Episode 1
August 09, 2010

Welcome to The Kick Awesome Show! That's right, Nate and I have decided we need to hang out more, so why not in front of a camera? We're going to attempt to talk about cool and interesting things every week so go hit that subscribe button now.

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Being that this is our first shot the format’s still up in the air a bit. But that’s ok, we know you’ll tell us what you love and don’t love in the comments.


  1. Haha I love it. Just the right length. The gurning makes it for me 05:37   smile

  2. I ain’t no EE guy, but I dig the whole DesignersMusic aspect. Never heard of it before checking out this post. Thanks for the tips guys

  3. Thanks for the plug gents!!

  4. @John Henry Donovan ...the gurning?? Is that some long lost Irish word? wink I kid, I kid!

    @Trevor Gerzen glad you like it man! We’re hoping to cover a little bit of everything smile

  5. @Del Currie Dude, no problem! Been a huge fan since the first Fono. Keep it up!

  6. @Del Currie Wow, hi Del. You are most welcome, we’ve been loving your work for years now. We’re more than happy to plug rad music. Please keep making the rock.

  7. It’s obvious to me that the show should be called ‘The J and Silent Wolverine Show’.

  8. Very nice guys! I will be watching for next week’s!

  9. @Wayde Christie That is freakin hysterical! I love it!

  10. Two things:
    One-Nate, get some free VitaminD, my friend.
    Two-Jon-Why do your you-know-whats need 3D glasses.
    Just my thoughts. smile

  11. Man, your music is way too cool for me!  You make me feel old… cuz I’m all, “Ya, have you heard that new Third Eye Blind track, ‘Semi-Charmed Life’? It’s pretty sweet.” 

    Oh 32. How did you get here so quickly?

  12. @Yvette because Weezer said so wink Thanks for watching!

  13. Really fun to have Nearby Entries mentioned on your show. Now I better get down to helping you with that conditionals problem…

  14. @Adam Khan No problem, man. Thanks so much for adding the EE2 file field type. I would have been totally stuck without it. Would be great to have the conditional working without the extra Addon, but at least it does what it’s supposed to for the moment smile

  15. Nicely done.  I especially like the segment where you talked about something that you did with EE.  I love hearing how other people figure out how to do things.  It gives me ideas for implementing stuff on my own sites.  Keep up the good work, I’ve added this to my regular feed reader.

  16. @Ryan Battles Thanks! We’re so excited people are enjoying it smile

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